Month: May 2016

What Kind of Food to Take Camping

You don’t have to worry about being a picky eater when you are tent camping. The fresh air is an appetite stimulant like no other. Camp food should be easily portable. Take as much nonperishable food as possible – ice only lasts a short time. Freeze perishable foods beforehand and pack a bottle of frozen juice in the cooler. Just remember to take a little juice off the top to leave room for expansion. That way you will have cold, refreshing juice and can use the frozen juice to keep other foods cold. Don’t forget plenty of water. Large,...

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Camping in the Rain – How to Stay Comfortable and Dry

When most people hear they might end up camping in the rain they change their mind about their camping trip. But part of going camping is experiencing nature. And part of experiencing nature is going to be camping in the rain at some point in your camping life. While many things about the rainfall are beautiful….the sound…the smell…the knowledge that the environment requires it, many things about camping in the rain are not so beautiful either. There is nothing fun about having a wet sleeping bag, wet clothing, or a puddle in your tent. Add some cool temperatures into...

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Camping For Beginners

By learning some very basic guidelines, you can soon be on your way to a fun and adventurous experience, just like the millions of people who have come to enjoy camping each and every year. The following camping-tips for beginners should help get you for a great outdoor camping experience: 1. Plan Ahead As a beginner, we recommend you start out by choosing a campsite closest to your home.  We’re taking small steps here until you get more camping experience underneath your belt, or you until you feel more comfortable in traveling longer distances while leaving behind most necessities...

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