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camping in Alaska

Camping In Alaska Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the world, offering a true wilderness. There are several protected areas in order to preserve the landscape, animals and flora. Tourism is increasing, as people want to see the mountains, glaciers and lakes and breathe in the clean air. RV touring and camping in Alaska is an ideal way of seeing the country close up. There are companies that organize guided tours, driving visitors between favorite destinations and supplying all the necessary equipment. In addition to marveling at the scenery, many tourists like to take advantage of...

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Outdoor Camping 101 – Tips For Beginners

Camping basics might be the best information you should know when you plan to enjoy the outdoors with friends or family. There is an increase in awareness in communing with nature as more and more people become convinced of the therapeutic effects of spending a weekend in nature reserves or camping grounds. Anywhere in the world, people are seeking the refuge of Mother Nature’s calming and relaxing effect that only she can provide. There are five points in considering camping on the weekends. These are generalized points to remember so you can be the prepared the best way you...

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